What to Expect When Selling a Junk Car for the First Time

If you have a junk automobile taking up space in your driveway, why not get paid to have it taken out of your hands? This is possible if you sell your car to an auto salvage yard that pays cash.

Junkyards are well-known for selling used vehicle parts at steep discounts, but first-time sellers only know a little about the process of selling to a company like Brooklyn Cash for Cars. The answers below might be helpful if you want to learn more about the procedure before selling your junker to us.

How Does Brooklyn Cash for Cars Determine the Worth of My Vehicle?

Many different factors determine the worth of your vehicle, which include the make and model, age, condition, and the buyer’s current requirement for the car in stock. The mileage of a used car that is still operational will be taken into account if you wish to sell it.

Here’s how the selling process works:

Step 1:

You’ll have to provide some information about your automobile. Doing so is easy— use our online form to get an instant offer. (Hint: if you use your VIN, you’ll usually get a better deal!)

Step 2:

After you receive an offer, you can choose whether to accept or reject it. If our offer appeals to you, complete the acceptance process by providing a few more specifics (such as the vehicle color).

Step 3:

We’ve got a deal! We’ll come to you and pick up your car (which we’ll tow away for free) and give you cash (or check) on the spot. That concludes our transaction.

Is It Necessary for Me to Show That I Own the Vehicle Before I Sell It?

Before we offer to buy your car, we need you to prove that you own it. You can bring any of the following documents to prove ownership: Title of ownership, auction sales receipt, mechanic’s lien, storage lot lien, or repossession affidavit.

Do You Go Out and Buy Junk Cars Everywhere?

Yes. We have agreements all around the United States to buy your car, whether it runs or not. Why not work with a national service that has paid out millions of dollars for tens of thousands of automobiles instead of worrying about how much a tow will cost you or whether anyone in your region can give you a good deal?

Is Junk Car Removal Free?

We offer to tow for free! We’ll come to you and pick up your vehicle (which we’ll haul away for free) and pay you cash (or check) on the spot.

Is It Common for You to Haggle with the Seller?

In most cases, we avoid haggling with junk vehicle sellers for two reasons. First, it can hurt our business if word gets out that we are haggling. Second, there isn’t much room to haggle in the first place, considering that the average junk vehicle sells for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands of dollars like a new car.


There’s no reason for your old junker to sit in your garage, taking up space and gathering dust. If you don’t have plans to restore it again, it’s only going to depreciate and become less valuable over time. Get rid of it (and save yourself the hassle of towing) by selling to Cash Auto Salvage!

For More Information, Contact Cash Auto Salvage! If you have more questions we have not answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Brooklyn Cash for Cars loves to hear from you if you want to sell a car for cash. We pay top dollar for all types of junk cars.