6 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Car

It doesn’t matter who you sell a trashed automobile to, period. But if you’re not dealing thoroughly, you may easily fall into the trap of selling your prized possession for less than its actual value. As a seller, you must be ready to bring up issues and concerns before officially releasing your vehicle. Here are the six questions you must ask before selling your car:

Question #1: Can I Be Paid Higher?

Most sellers take what they can get, but it’s also critical to underestimate or overestimate the worth of your vehicle because prices set expectations. You must be aware that most salvage yards solely focus on the metal price, which leaves you with minimal wiggle space. 

Make sure to look around and find a business that can negotiate fairly. You may also consider not having your automobile towed to a salvage yard, which can gain you a few additional dollars.

Question #2: Who Is the Official Buyer?

Seek for full transparency. Make sure you connect with a reliable network when it comes to selling your vehicle. Note that some customers make promises but later on change their decisions, which leaves you with a loss in sales. 

Again, associate only with qualified and dependable specialists who adhere to their promises.

Question #3: How Much Are Current Scrap Metal Prices Today?

Metal prices fluctuate, and often you will find yourself waiting for the perfect time to maximize your return on investment, but make sure you don’t wait too long. While many owners choose to keep a vehicle that they don’t want simply because of the low metal price, it is still possible to seal a good deal as soon as possible.

Question #4: What’s Our Mode of Payment?

You should never trust junkyards to pay you with greenbacks, no matter how much they say they would. At the same time, be suspicious if someone offers you direct cash because cash transactions are entirely anonymous and leave zero paper trail. 

Set a mode of payment that gives you proof of deals and transactions with individuals or businesses who can provide official identification to go with it. Go the extra mile to provide proof of transaction that can be reviewed if an audit is needed.

Question #5: How Much Will Damages Cost Me?

Tiny fender-benders aren’t worth getting upset about, but severe property damage or injuries might result in lower prices. Work with a professional to assess the age of the vehicle, the current market demand, and whether or not the car is available for use. 

No matter how much you have spent on your vehicle, most vehicles end up demolished anyway. However, there may be those where the value is assessed beyond the metal weight.

Question #6: Can I Still Sell My Car without a Title?

Selling your car without a title may be tricky, so it’s safe to say that you can’t process a transaction without official documents. However, in some states and locations, you can still sell your vehicle in a junkyard. Depending on the situation, some specific buyers will accept your car without a title. 


Getting rid of your old vehicle shouldn’t take too much work, but it still helps to do your research and get your hands dirty. Gain further insight into fair pricing, and ask for professional assistance when learning a junk car’s value. In no time, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll earn for your junk automobile.

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